How to Include Eggs in Kid’s Menu

Before cooking an egg for a child, wash it well. When you take it from the fridge, let it warm a little and then put it in a pot, fill the pot with water and boil for 7-9 minutes after the water has begun boiling.

Then it is necessary to separate the yolk, grind it properly and mix with the food the child eats. Don’t give all the yolk at first. In order not to harm the baby, check his reaction to the new product. To do this, give him a very small crumb for 2-3 days and then, if there is no allergy, gradually increase the amount.

Apples, apples, apples…hmm..Who doesn’t like apples?

Green apples are very good for health. Scientists have proved that regular consumption of green apples has a beneficial effect on the organism.

The main benefit of green apples is fiber and pectin that reduces the level of cholesterol contained in the blood. One apple contains about four grams of fiber, that is about 10% of the daily requirement needed for an adult. The content of pectin is 15-20% of the daily norm. This marvellous fruit contain a lot of vitamin A. Its green peel contains a plenty of the necessary brain antioxidant – quercetin which together with vitamin C fights harmful substances and does not allow them to have a negative effect on the body.