african violet grow lights

African violets originate from the tropical forests of East Africa. African violets like light, but not too much direct sunlight, which can dry out the plants and damage the leaves. I grow mine on a kitchen window sill that faces northwest. In summer they get around two to three hours of direct sunshine in the … Read more

greenhouse soil

Soil Preparation Soil preparation is an essential part of producing healthy fruits. There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting fresh, tasty fruits from your own backyard, which is the dream of every farmer. To get better results for your produce, it all begins from the soil preparation and planning. Soil preparation involves coming up with … Read more

must have greenhouse accessories

Temperature Control and Heating System Equipment To control the temperature, you need to install an electronic controller in the garden. This control will monitor and manage the temperatures of the heating system and ventilation equipment. Thermostats: If you have a small greenhouse garden, you can use thermostats that record accurate temperatures within the garden, and … Read more

greenhouse grow lights

Lighting System Equipment The amount of light inside the greenhouse determines the level of sunlight in the greenhouse. If the amount of sunlight in the greenhouse is not strong enough, you can supplement it with artificial light. Before choosing the lighting system to use for boosting plant growth, you need to determine the amount of … Read more

greenhouse temperature and humidity control

How to Keep the Greenhouse Warm Using Bubble Wrap to Insulate the Greenhouse Insulating a greenhouse garden with a bubble wrap will ensure heat doesn’t escape away. For a better insulation, buy a wrap with bigger bubbles. You should also cover all doors and windows to ensure heat doesn’t escape, especially during the winter. This … Read more

greenhouse foundation

Types of Greenhouse Foundations Soil/Earth Base     If the selected site has firm soil, construct concrete walls at the four corners of the frame. Level up the base of the structure before setting in the concrete walls. If the area has a slope, you need to use more soil to level up and firmly … Read more

types of greenhouse

Types of Greenhouses The type of greenhouse structure determines the productivity and efficiency of your gardening activities. New to greenhouse gardening? Don’t you worry—this section will examine the different greenhouse designs and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each structure. It will make it easier for beginners to choose the right structure based on their … Read more

aeroponic cloning

AEROPONIC CLONING Requirements Scissors Razor blades Rockwool Cubes What does cloning mean? Cloning allows you to replicate a genetically identical plant from a parent plant. The clone will have the same characteristics as the parent plant. The growth habit will be the same, the shape of the fruits identical and the flowers together with the … Read more

aeroponic system

PURCHASING AN AEROPONIC SYSTEM The market hosts different makes and models of Aeroponics systems. They defer in size and costs. This section explores these systems and their costs to give you more leverage while deciding which of them to purchase. AeroFlo² come in 5 different specifications with different features to offer. You get 18-sites, 20, … Read more