advantages of aeroponics


Why choose and Aeroponics system instead of all the other systems already discussed in the previous chapters? What benefits will it offer you as a passionate gardener and what does this mean for your plants and the environment in general?

Aeroponics maintains a disease free environment in that no plant is in contact with another plant and each spray pulse is sterile. In cases of soil or other growing medium, disease could be spread throughout other plants. With Aeroponics if a plant is diseased the removing it is made easier as it’s a stand-alone plant not attached to other plants at root level.

The best practice for any Aeroponics system is to locate it in a closed or semi-closed environment. For this reason the system eliminates the need to apply pesticides to your plantations thus reducing all the health reasons associated with such chemicals. Pests are generally controlled by the housing itself posing no need to control them at plant level.

Aeroponics provides fast growth and easy harvest. Root generally needs oxygen to grow and when they are covered in soil they only get a limited amount of this essential element of growth.  In an Aeroponics system the roots of the plants are exposed to oxygen all the time thus making their growth duration much faster than the traditional growing system

Water and nutrients are managed by the soil in traditional gardening. If you water your plants too much or there’s too much nutrients than needed, the soil absorbs the rest of the water and nutrients. Aeroponics has the mixture is a reservoir thus allowing the re-use of the resources so you don’t have to worry about high water bills and growing your plants at the same time.

Plants can die due to too much heat or flood; they could even be destroyed by natural disasters like hail and lighting. Aeroponics gives you the freedom to control your garden. Since it’s in a closed environment then it’s not exposed to too much light but rather the amount of lightning provided for it. The greenhouse would have to be destroyed by the hails and floods before the plants themselves can be destroyed. Aeroponics allows you to control your environment

Expansion with a traditional garden requires more land/soil which still needs to be worked on. With Aeroponics expansion is as simply as adding more chambers in your plant supporting structure

The Aeroponics growing system is user friendly; Plants can be removed and inserted with ease. All you need to know is literally how to use a spray gun if it’s a manual system. Though you do need to understand a bit of technicalities but it’s not like working the tilling machine in a farm. Aeroponics system is safe to use and very easy.

This is a programmable system with a timer, watering times and durations can be set and the lighting periods as well. The system is very easy to monitor since the layout is controlled at creation. No matter how big your greenhouse may be, you have control over the room temperature and the watering system.

The major advantage of the system is it mobility, you can easily adapt the system, making additions and removals as needed. Crop density is also maximized ten times better than the traditional method due to the exposure to oxygen.

You can also plant multiple crops in this season as long as their temperature needs are equivalent. The Aeroponics system is easy to maintain as all theta needs to be done is continuous sterilization of the system to ensure cleanliness. There’s no foreign plants growing with your plantations which needs weaning

The reservoir is very easy to refill, this and more benefits make Aeroponics a growing system of choice for gardeners at all levels

Like any good system, Aeroponics has its own setbacks which are easy to manage if you know how. For example;

Aeroponics is dependent on the system’s functionality/health so in case of system failure your crops might be choked to death. So as part of your monitoring system you need to check all the component of the system to ensure that they are in good working condition at all times.

You need to have some technical knowledge to get the best out of the system, like how to work the timer or set the temperature. How much temperature is needed by your crops and the amount of nutrients suitable for the plantation?

If you are going to opt for purchasing the system, another setback would be the cost. The system is not entirely expensive to buy but not exactly cheap as well.

The root chamber invites a lot of bacteria due to its most nature thus requiring continuous disinfection which is the most maintenance that needs to be done in this system.