air plant benefits

Air Purification

As a result of the special features that Tillandsia possess, your home will be free from chemical substances created from your air conditioner, electronic devices, cooking items, and the chemicals that are carried through your windows into your home.

Beyond the purification function which air plant do for your home, they also improve air quality. During photosynthesis, air plant improves air quality as they absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen which is what your body needs. A research by scientist established that indoor plants like Tillandsia eliminate chemical pollutants in the air and increase the amount of oxygen which gives you a very healthy office or home environment.



Minimal Maintenance Cost

There is no plant like Tillandsia when it comes to the cost of maintenance. It requires just a onetime purchase and no more. You do not need to replant them each year like you will have to do with other plants. Tillandsia’s life cycle ensures that they produce their own babies known as pups. If they are properly taken care of, these pups will grow, passing each life phase, growth phase, blooming phase, pup phase and clumping phase. When they eventually reached maturity, they also produce their own babies and then the mother plant dies off. Which plant have you seen like this that have this kind of capacity? Well, this unique ability of reproduction gives air plant a special feature of maintenance with a little amount of dollars. You don’t have to repurchase them for planting.

Environmental Beautification

The more relax, peaceful and beautiful the environment where you spend your resting time in the mornings, evenings and weekends the more you are able to manage stress that you have gathered in the course of the week activities. One benefit of having air plants in your home is that it can improve the interior appearance of your house. You can combine your Tillandsia with some objects in your home to give them a perfect outlook. Besides internal beautification, Tillandsia creates a very warm environment for your home. In most houses, air plants are kept close to the window because of the natural air that they obtain from there. The greatest aspect of this plant is when they are expertly combined with electronics, furniture, carpets and many other home stuff. For instance, you can place your baby Ionantha Rubra or Ionantha Mexican on a coffee table and where the plant is large, you can have them placed in your closet for captivating appearance.

High Survival Chances

One of the things that kill most plants is diseases and pests. Tillandsia has very few pests and diseases that affect them, especially if you take care of them very well. They do not get bugs as other plants do. However, other plants suffer from a host of diseases that easily destroy them. It is as a result of having few natural diseases or pest that air plant has a high rate of survival chances than other plants.

Easy to Care

This is by far one of the unique benefits of having air plants in your home. They require a minimum level of care. They obtain the majority of their nutrients from the air. They do not need any form of soil at all. What they need is a jar, rocks, driftwood and hanging on the wall.

On feeding care, they do not need much amount of food like other plants. They only need fertilizer once in a month. You water them just a couple of times a week except when you live in drier climates where you will need to water them very frequently.



Your air plant if well taken care of can live for many years. Air plants are epiphytes meaning that they absorb their nutrients from the air and water compared to other plants that obtain their nutrients from their well-developed roots.

Color Change

This is another unique feature of air plants. They change from one color to another. This is another unique feature of air plants. They change from one color to another. This does not only happen when they are dying, but also as they grow. For instance, Ionantha Fuego is known for growing very well indoors. Tillandsia begins their growth as green, but their leaves will change color the moment they begin to bloom. They have a variety of colors from red, orange, pink, majestic shades of purple and magenta among others.

Exotic Look

Air plants are generally exotic. They come in different amazing shapes and colors. Some have long and thin leaves, while others have shorter leaves yet some have spiky leaves. There are some varieties of air plants that come with beautiful fuzz like texture. However, their exotic look is brought out more when you place them in a container on your desk or even dining table. To add to their exotic look, since air plants do not need any soil for growth, it makes it easier to place them on virtually anything. They can be placed in terrariums, seashell etc.

Minimal Amount of Care

Since watering and fertilizer application is not done every day, you do not have to worry about their excessive care and attention. It means that it is possible to go for a week’s vacation and your air plant will still be surviving healthily. They have low maintenance. Some species of air plants in a humid or cooler climate can require water just once a week.