advantages of aeroponics

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF AEROPONICS Why choose and Aeroponics system instead of all the other systems already discussed in the previous chapters? What benefits will it offer you as a passionate gardener and what does this mean for your plants and the environment in general? Aeroponics maintains a disease free environment in that no plant … Read more

aeroponics vs soil

ORGANIC vs. AEROPONIC GARDENING GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATIONS A geographical factor in common agriculture is a subject to consider before deciding to plant any types of crops. The topographical and ecological factors of an area affect the growth and health of plantations. Other areas are naturally more fertile and suitable for agriculture as compared to other areas. … Read more

mealybugs on succulents

Typical Villains When it comes to pests, they really are just like the most annoying super villains. You can beat them one week and think they’ve disappeared, but then they’re back again next time you look. If you’re not careful about inspecting your plants, you could miss an infestation while it is still in the … Read more

how long to soak air plants

Watering and Feeding Your Air Plant   Watering soil-based plants is easy. You simply whip out the hose or the watering can, pour water to the plant, and watch as it becomes wet. Air plants require a different technique. The watering process it needs is more active on the part of the plant owner.   … Read more

planting in pots vs ground

Ground versus Container While hydroponics sounds like a nice idea, some people are more used to the traditional forms of gardening. They like to get their hands dirty and watch the progress of the plants that they grow. I can definitely relate to the satisfaction of that process! However, when planting in soil, you often … Read more

greenhouse equipment

Essential Greenhouse Equipment Getting together the right tools and equipment for the job is a satisfying endeavor. Not only do you get to take pleasure in the fact that you are getting everything ready to begin your gardening adventure, but you are also mentally ticking off all the tools you might need to work with … Read more

greenhouse material comparison

Choosing a Frame Material You can work with many materials for the design of your greenhouse. Each material provides its own set of advantages. When choosing materials, think about how much you are willing to spend on them, if they are ideal for the weather conditions in your region, and how much time you are … Read more

greenhouse types and structures

Choosing a Greenhouse Before you decide to erect a greenhouse in your backyard, you should note down a few essential points. Oh Greenhouse, Where Art Thou? – The Ideal Location The location of your greenhouse becomes an important factor, because you need to decide how far away from or close to your home you would … Read more

benefits of a greenhouse

Garden of Eden There are plants that grow well during the summer, utilizing the abundant sunlight available. Then there are those plants that grow well during the winter, finding the cold weather more comfortable. Greenhouses help maintain a stable temperature within its facility, whether it is in the middle of the summer or during freezing … Read more

how to plant epidendrum orchid

REPRODUCING THE ORCHID PLANT       The orchid plant grows slowly and hence reproducing the plant takes time. The process, though, is worth the wait. Reproducing the plant from seeds can take up to 5 to 7 years. The other methods like division are faster. Let us see the different ways in which we … Read more