air plant benefits

Air Purification As a result of the special features that Tillandsia possess, your home will be free from chemical substances created from your air conditioner, electronic devices, cooking items, and the chemicals that are carried through your windows into your home. Beyond the purification function which air plant do for your home, they also improve … Read more

plants for kitchen countertop

Plants for your Kitchen The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you cook meals for your family to keep them healthy. In this chapter, we will look at six indoor plants that will do well on your kitchen windowsill. Chinese money plant About The Chinese money … Read more

How to grow orchids in greenhouses

HOW TO GROW ORCHIDS IN GREENHOUSES Orchids are perennial plants belonging to the family Orchidaceous and are generally referred to as epiphytes (that is, they grow on other plants only for support as they cause no harm nor derive nutrient from the plant).  They are nonwoody and basically manufacture their food by themselves or feed … Read more

greenhouse for cactus

HOW TO GROW CACTI AND SUCCULENTS IN GREENHOUSES Cacti are perennial flowering plants with over 2000 species. They are considered woody because of their thick stems which contain chlorophyll.  The presence of areoles on cacti plants differentiates them from other succulent plants.  The areoles are bumps on cacti plants from which clusters of spines grow.  … Read more

lean to greenhouse kits

There are factors to consider when deciding to purchase a greenhouse kit. There are several varieties of greenhouse kits available to home growers and commercial growers.  This begs the question “how do I know how to choose the right greenhouse?” New growers often go for something small and very cheap and this is quite advisable … Read more

how to get rid of mold in houseplant soil

Preventing Fungus and Mold in Your Indoor Garden Fungi are wonderful organisms and they’re responsible for most of life on Earth (there would be no soil without the fungi!). But certain types of fungi can infect your garden above the soil (this is known as foliar fungus) and below the soil (this is known as … Read more

how to get rid of bugs on indoor plants

Protecting Your Garden From Pests and Disease Your beautiful indoor garden will not be perfect no matter what you do. But that is what will make you love it even more. While you will not have any weeds to worry about, there would be plenty to worry about with pests. If you are lucky, you … Read more