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How To Control The Climate For Your Indoor Garden There are three major aspects that would control the climate necessary for your indoor gardening: (1) temperature, (2) lighting, and (3) humidity. Each one of these aspects is critical to the life of your plants and their development. It may look and sound very complicated to … Read more

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Contrary to common belief, the list of plants that can be grown indoors is quite varied and long. There are thousands of flowering plants, non-flowering plants, cacti, herbs, fruits, vegetables and even evergreens that you could grow indoors. So, if you love plants and need to grow them indoors take heart in the news that … Read more

how to harvest indoor herbs

How to Harvest, Dry and Store Herbs   What a pleasure it will be to grow the herbs of your choice for harvesting whenever you are in need of them to compliment that special dish. An herb garden of your own will enable you to enjoy those fresh herbs which you cannot always find in … Read more

how to grow carrots indoors

      Almost nothing can be better than enjoying your own home-grown herbs. Growing them yourself means that you are in total control of the quality of herbs you add to your food. It also means a constant supply of the herbs of your choice. Not only is it convenient, it is also inexpensive. … Read more

how to grow kale indoors

Tips for Growing Kales indoors Specific Tips Light This is probably the most essential requirement for success if you want to grow herbs or any other plants indoors and in fact in most instances people neglect to provide their plants with adequate light. The consensus is that the optimal hours of daily light is between … Read more

how to use compost

Using Your Compost   For many who take up composting, it’s not enough to simply process waste in your apartment, urban home, or other setting. Composting does help us recycle and reuse organic matter—but what is it without its greater uses and applications?   Composting is a method that is especially helpful to you plant-growing … Read more

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How to Compost   You’ve got all your materials ready. You’ve also gotten the knack of sorting what’s good from what’s bad for compost. Even better, you’ve found the perfect place and container for holding your compost, and watching the decomposition take place.   How do you go about it, though? Gathering knowledge of materials … Read more