greenhouse grow lights

Lighting System Equipment

The amount of light inside the greenhouse determines the level of sunlight in the greenhouse. If the amount of sunlight in the greenhouse is not strong enough, you can supplement it with artificial light.

Before choosing the lighting system to use for boosting plant growth, you need to determine the amount of solar radiation available in that area, as that will affect the amount of light needed for photosynthesis.

Others factors you need to look at is the size and type of greenhouse structure. You also need to consider the crops growing, as some of them require high-intensity light, while others will do better in low light or shade.

You should consider the space available for hanging the lighting system, and it should be easy to adjust based on the crops’ needs. For example, as some plants, like fruits, increase in height as they grow, the lighting system should be moved upwards. Therefore, you need to factor in the wiring system and the socket space.

Some of the tools for providing artificial light include:

Light intensity meter: This instrument has an installed universal-sensor probe that measures the intensity of light at any angle. The equipment monitor can maintain an ideal growing light for all plants in the garden.

Grow lights: Grow lights are excellent for providing a cool and warm light for the growth of house plants, herbs, and fruits. The grow lights act as a replacement of sunlight when growing plants indoors. There are different types of grow lights in the market to choose from, such as fluorescent, LEDs, high pressure sodium, among others.

Seedling lights: As the seeds germinate, they require a lot of light; therefore, you need to place them in an area where they can have a maximum access to light. Each plant grown requires a different light intensity, and most plants in a greenhouse garden require a high light intensity to flourish. You can have fluorescent bulbs installed in the garden to provide maximum light to all your crops.

High Intensity Discharge lamp (HID): If you have a large greenhouse structure with big plants like fruits and flowers, you need to install HID lamps. These lamps emit more light compared to other types of lights, boosting plant growth. The lamp fixtures have reflectors fitted on it to reflect the light back to the crops.

This type of lamp produces a lot of heat, so you should keep it far away from the plants to avoid burning their leaves.

LED Lights: LED lights are suitable for vegetables and herbs. They’re the best greenhouse lights and the most efficient for quick plant growth. The lights are long-lasting and easy to install.