miltonia orchid care

PROTECT YOUR ORCHIDS           Orchids appear delightfully exquisite and can attract anybody towards them. Orchids are excellent indoor plants, while some are easy to grow in a windowsill, some require special conditions Orchids bloom easily in the home environment and do not require extensive facilities. Primarily there are three main requirements … Read more

best indoor bonsai tree for beginners

There are many tree varieties that are suitable for indoor bonsai, both from the northern temperate regions and especially from tropical and subtropical countries. These trees can be found available from reputable bonsai sellers, but also online and in garden centers or plant fairs, as houseplants or as young plants at a very affordable price, … Read more

bonsai tool set

As with the range of bonsai trees that are available these days, there is also a huge range of pots, tools and accessories that are on sale from every source, whether online or from specialist retailers. Generally speaking bonsai pots can range from cheap inexpensive factory produced imported pots from China to very expensive handmade … Read more

Juniper Bonsai Care

Once you have taken care of the most important fundamental aspects of caring for your indoor bonsai tree, namely ensuring that it receives adequate sunlight and water, and is kept at a temperature that will suit it, then you will need to maintain your tree in good health. General maintenance of an indoor bonsai will … Read more

bonsai fertilizer

  There is also a wide choice of fertilizers to choose from when trying to decide what to use to feed your indoor bonsai. Basically fertilizers can be divided into two categories, chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers. All plants require three basic chemicals in order to grow healthily, which are Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, as … Read more

Bonsai soil

Many years ago when I was first learning about horticulture, I asked some professional growers of ornamental plants what was the key secret to their success and they replied ‘the soil’. This is particularly true when it comes to bonsai, as the amount of soil available to the tree in a shallow bonsai pot is … Read more

air plant rot

This is another common disease of air plant. Although air plant needs good humidity to grow and bloom effectively, when it is exposed to too much moisture, the death of the plant can occur. The plant will simply rot from the inside and then fall away. The common ways to know that your air plant … Read more

watering air plants

Air Plant Feeding Your plant needs proper feeding care to grow and bloom. Water Regularly watering your air plant will enhance their growth and development. Best Water for Your Air Plant Air plant are not normally selective on the type of water they need. However, there are certain types of water that are best suited … Read more

air plant fertilizer

Fertilizer Your Tillandsia needs some level of fertilizer to grow well and bloom in beautiful colors within the required time. This becomes necessary when they are about to pup. The fertilizer helps the plant to pup very well. The fertilizer offers the plants some of the essential nutrients which they need. A fertilizer with a … Read more

how to revive an air plant

 Reviving a Dying or Sick Air Plant When an air plant is sick or dying, is there anything that can be done to revive the plant? While misting air plant with water can work for some species, in other varieties, this will not work. It will ultimately lead to their dead. The first thing to … Read more