vegan breakfast meal plan

Recipes and Meal Plans A: Breakfasts Healthy Breakfast Burritos   1 dozen egg whites, scrambled 2 cups low fat mozzarella cheese (shredded) 1 jar salsa 1 pack whole wheat tortillas 187 calories per burrito To prepare your burritos for the week, start by scrambling your egg whites. When they are nearly cooked, add your cheese … Read more

basic vegan grocery list

With any kind of change that you attempt to make, having a solid plan is important. While you might want to plan for meals and change your family’s lifestyle, know that it is a process that happens gradually. By focusing on what must be done before you even prepare your food, you will be able … Read more

highest protein to calorie ratio vegan food

High protein vegan diet: high protein from vegetables foods, low cholesterol principles Think it or not, you can really prosper, and never ever endure a healthy protein shortage on a plant-based diet. Since you should consider precisely how energetic your way of living is, a well-thought whole food plant-based diet regimen offers even more than … Read more

easy vegan meal prep for the week

Step-By-Step Meal Plan Meal Plan Shopping List For the two weeks, I will suggest four  different snacks that you can eat whenever you feel hungry in between meals; four smoothies or juices that you can drink to start the day off the right way or whenever you just feel like having something refreshing; and four … Read more

beginner vegan shopping list

what to replace eggs with in vegan baking

beginner vegan shopping list Grab your sustainable grocery bags, because we’re going shopping for plant-based foods. When you decide to commit to a plant-based diet, a key component to your success is setting up your kitchen with all things plant-based. The good news is that you’ll still be shopping for the vegetables, fruits, and grains you’ve … Read more

best air fryer for vegans

INTRODUCTION You know that feeling when you discover something new that you absolutely love, and then later wonder how you ever lived without it? That’s exactly how I feel about my air fryer—and what I’m hoping will happen for you as you enter the world of air-fried vegan recipes and get the best air fryer … Read more