Wine Storage Ideas For the Cold Weather

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Are you gradually entering winter and thinking of ways to prevent wines from extreme cold weather conditions like freezing? Perhaps you don’t know that you should worry about your collections in your wine cellar fridge during the cold weather?

Thankfully, you are here and that’s what matters most. We have a list of helpful tips for storing wine during cold weather becomes easy. You can be sure of preserving the quality of your wine in terms of flavor and aroma.

Before you dive right in, understand that extreme temperatures aren’t good for wine, and that’s why there is a wine cooler temperature range. This information that will be provided is particularly for cold weather. However, if the weather is hot, you may not need to worry about doing most of this:

1. Wine cooler

Wine coolers are excellent in providing the favorable temperature and humidity conditions for your wines. If you don’t have one, you should get one ASAP. In hot and cold conditions, the wine cooler works perfectly fine. Too low humidity can cause corks to shrink. If this happens, aid will gain entrance.

Too high humidity will cause high condensation around bottles, such as bottlenecks, and cause mold development. Wine coolers keep wines from sunlight and UV rays. If your wine cooler has a glass door, it is a bigger advantage for you in the long run.

2. Opt for a temperature monitoring system

You can get ahead with less worry with the monitoring system. Some systems are configured to drop an alarm when the temperature drops and everywhere is cold. You can also connect the device to your phone to get notifications.

If you do not visit your wine cellar often, this is a good option for you because, with this device, you can quickly proffer solutions with heat in the event of a cold.

3. Wine cellars

If you wish to have a large collection of wine, then the wine cellar is a better choice than the wine cooler or fridge. Unlike the wine cooler, the wine cellar can contain hundreds of bottles.

However, the cost of installing a wine cellar is high and may not be affordable unless you are considering it as an investment. Ensure that the wines you keep in wine cellars are young and can stay for a long period before you store them.

4. Put wines in cooler areas of your wine cellar

The temperature of your wine cellar isn’t the same everywhere. You can utilize that cool area and place wines there for this period. White wines are stored at a lower temperature than red wines, so you should worry more about red wines, not white wines. Even at this, you’ve got to be careful.

5. Ambient control

This has a crankcase heater beneath the compressor to keep the system from freezing. It also has a fan cycling to keep the refrigerant pressure at okay levels. Ambient control systems can be added to ducted or ducted split systems. The heating system ensures that the internal temperature is regulated as it should be.


Wines should be placed carefully, and even more carefully during cold weather. This is to remove unnecessary stress such as vibration that will affect the quality of wines. Like you take care of yourself during the cold, you should take care of your wine collection unless you’d have your money and investment sink down the drain.